Baroque Access caters to an exceptional clientele, partnering with the world's elite accommodation, dining, entertainment, shopping, transportation, and travel providers. Requests for concierge services embracing every aspect of related needs is met with professional dispatch and the utmost of discretion, providing the perfect, intuitive level of personalized service for each of our esteemed clients.

From VIP status at key social venues, luxury hotels, and fine dining, to exclusive concert, show, and musical performance tickets, the Baroque Access concierge team attends to requests with efficient, effective service. From exotic travel details to everyday errands, Baroque Access smooths the way so that you can enjoy each day to the fullest.

The Baroque Access Concierge team excels at extraordinary requests, handling the details of household and corporate relocation, educational tutoring and mentoring, property management, and even emergency situations with exceptional skill.

A simple phone conversation leads to a Baroque Access Membership Concierge arranging every detail of your request to your personal satisfaction, providing you with service that earns you both time and peace of mind while you focus on enjoying life’s more important moments.